♥Long - distance Relantionship♥

May 12, 2010

Hey, folks! Welcome back to my hunnybunnysweety blog. Well, jangan kira kalian lihat judul yang satu ini, terus beranggapan kalau gue punya long-distance relantionship. Nggak kok, bukan itu! Kali ini gue cuma mau share cerita aja ke kalian semua, nggak panjang kok. Dan cerita ini juga nggak berdasarkan dari kehidupan gue, asal bikin aja buat PR LIA (I think you know what LIA is)


Clara was chatting with her boy friend, Mike, on facebook. She has been in relantionship with him for two years. They started long - distance relantionship since they were graduated from Senior High School. Mike moved to another city with his family because he wanted to continue his study.
On the other hand, someone who named Ronnie had a crush on Clara, and he wanted to be Clara's boyfriend. But clara didn't want, and chosed mike to be her boyriend. Clara chosed Mike because she still love him.
One day, Clara felt sad because Mike wanted to break up their relantionship. Mike said that he didn't feel comfortable if they had a long - distance relantionship. Honestly, Clara didn't want to break up the relantionship which since at least two years. But, Clara must understand about Mike's life. Maybe he can get girl who more kind, beautiful, nice than Clara. And finally, Clara and Mike broke up their relantionship.


So, after you read my story, what's your impresssion? ☺

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