Bunch of Thanks

April 01, 2012

Alhamdulillah, thank you, my Lord..

I'm so blessed to be surrounded by these people. 

I guess prank-me-on-my-birthday has been finished. But it was not, literally NOT. I had wrong perception at that time. And yesterday was the breaking point, seriously. So in order to do some Chemistry task, our class went to TMII, then visited the museum of oil and gas. Dan baru aja sampai disana, anak - anak sudah menyiapkan a big gift and a suppa duppa cute handmade-greetings! They all said, "Nik, awas ya, isinya barang pecah belah. Jangan taruh di lantai." Man... For real? Alhasil dalam satu hari itu, gue bawa kadonya kemana - mana. Jarang gue letakkan di lantai, ya itu, takut pecah. Dan ketika sampai dirumah, gue buka kadonya dengan hasil...
*jengjeng* GUYS, HOW DARE YOU ARE! Seriously, gue dikerjain. Isinya nggak lebih dari beberapa robekan kertas majalah - koran, dan kertas krep warna - warni. Mana barang pecah belahnya? Mana? HFT. Dan untuk mencari kadonya, gue kayak nyari harta karun. But it was so fun! Then, I found 12 gifts in the box, yay meAs you see, there were a lot of pinky things and some craft utensils. Yep! I love pink and I love crafting!
And this is the handmade greetings. It's cute, isn't it?

And here it is, the duppers. Yes we called it duppers, because we are from dupxima which means 'Dupers Sepuluh Lima' Thank you so much from the suprise and for everything. Me gusta!

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