Secret Feeling

By Nikita Putri Mahardhika - September 06, 2012

I know that time will come to me.
The time that I should give up on you. The time that moving on and letting go are must to do.
I just wait for it, wait patiently.
And while Im waiting for it, Im enjoying every seconds, every minutes, and every hours before it happens.
I try to stop looking at you, stalking your timeline, talking with you.
I dont know why, I just want to stop it.
I will try it as I can.
Because I believe, someday, I wont ever give a damn to you, again.
I wont even care to you.
Because you just wasted mine. My caring and my love.
I know it's such a shame writing this for someone like you, because for you this is meaningless.
But for me, this is all that matters.
And now I know, Im just gonna secretly in love with you and leave it at that. Forever.

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