A Letter for My Future Self

By Nikita Putri Mahardhika - July 10, 2014

Dear future Nikita,

How's life going there? Good enough? Are you happy? Make sure that you live your life happily. I don't know what life will bring you, but well, all I know life is getting harder everyday so brace yourself.

Are you still doing what you love to do? Or you're already an expert of it? I always wish you a bright future there so please explore yourself and enhance the abilities of what you like and what you can do.

If life brings you down, keep in your mind that you still can writing, doodling, taking some photos, making diy things, recording, joining some class, reading, and sitting alone in your favorite bookstore or teashop. Oh! If you have much much much money, reach your target to travel the world! Prefer alone, I think. Jangan lupa dari yang kecil - kecil ya, coba jelajah Indonesia dulu. Dan ya, selalu syukur nikmat. Ingat! Syukur nikmat, jangan pernah kufur nikmat.

Stay humble, stay focus, and be kind! Though there are so many people out there who don't have same opinion like you, keep focus! Stay on what you believe it's true. But still be open-minded, think positively. You have to remind yourself that it's great to be you, to be Nikita. You'll always be surrounded by great, creative, and lovely people! I believe.

Oh, last but not least. Don't forget to love and be loved. Love yourself, love your parents, love your families, love your friends, and the most important is love your God. More, more, and more. Without Him, you'll never be "a person" you're today. And yes, keep on searching for your significant other. Make a move, do something. How long you have to wait for something that will never happen? You're already warned by your adorable friends in junior and senior high school to open your heart to every good man out there, good luck! (Or you've already found your significant other and settle down? :p)

P.s: don't forget to prepare your presentation for tomorrow's meeting, don't lose your colleagues! Stroke of luck for your company--in creative industry.

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