It Only Takes One Event

January 02, 2016

Wicak, one of my favorite main character in Negeri Van Oranje, said that it only takes one event to remember someone; even he didn't remember his/her name. He only remembered someone's good deeds, he noticed every detail, every little nice things that someone did to him. Like how a baker gave him a free bread, how a barber gave him a free cut to his messy hair, and how he remembered Lintang as a woman who willingly accompanied him to pick his friend on the airport in the early morning--and she already took a bath. Yes, that's how Wicak remembered people.

After watching that movie, one of my good friend asked me, "if you can't remember his name, then what event will you use to remember him?" I made silence, I couldn't immediately answer the question. But then I said, "if one day I couldn't remember his name, maybe that time when he came to my friend's home with his body poured by his perfume--and he really smelled good--will be the event I will use."

Yes, it only takes that one event to make me fall in love with you. Well, maybe love is such a strong word. Maybe that time was the time when I started to admire you. That Sunday morning; the first time I laid my eyes on you and I couldn't stop. And until now, I still remember the smell of your perfume.

I was at tipping point when I told to my good boy friend that I intend to opening my heart again after a long time closed and said that I'm tired for being nuts--for secretly in love and never confess this feeling. He said to me that I should stop, I should stop doing this thing. But, how come I stop doing something that actually makes me happy even for a little bit?

Liam Neeson ever said that, "Everyone gets these things confused with love, but in reality love is the only thing in this world that covers up all pain and makes someone feel wonderful again. Love is the only thing in this world that does not hurt." And it is true.

"Kan, akhirnya nurut juga lu. Lu terlalu nganggep dia yang terbaik sih. Padahal kalo begitu terus ampe kapanpun di otak lu ya cuma dia doang."
"Ya habis emang dia yang terbaik dong, gimana?"
"Kata siapa terbaik? Lu mah, nggak bakal terealisasikan target lu, Nik, kalo gini terus. Nunggu tuh cuma dua kemungkinan, dia ke elu, atau lu nggak bakal pacaran sama sekali. Mungkin nggak nikah."
"Kok jahat?!"
"Ya makanya move on, Nik. Bertahan tanpa alasan jelas juga bahaya, pikir tuh jauh ke depan. How long is waiting? How long is forever? Until he married other girl and you will be still waiting in vain?"

If falling for you only takes one event, then I hope, it only takes one event also to repel this feeling.

Anyway, happy new year 2016! Have a greatest year ahead and may happiness, love, and luck be with you. 

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