God Gave A Surprise

June 26, 2016

I never thought that God made us reunited again in an unexpected place like yesterday. Well, I think reunited wasn’t a proper word to describe that because it was just me who saw you and I believe that you didn’t even recognize I was there.

I saw you standing there while drinking a bottle of water and talking with a girl. At the very first, I thought that girl was your girlfriend. But when I blinked my eyes once again, she wasn’t. Or maybe it was my eyes who did mistakes? Yes, it might be.

Do you want to know why I can assume that boy who I was looking at before is you? It was because his little gestures when he tried to fix his eyeglasses’ position. And yeah not to forget his appearance. He has totally a hundred percent same appearance as you because the boy is you.

I laughed at myself for a little while when I spotted you at the crowded room yesterday. It was just like a dream to me to meet you again. Okay no, I mean oh my god I strongly believe that I don’t believe for seeing you again after almost three years. Yes, almost three years. So it was like a surprise, a little surprise to me.


You’re still the same, still has chubby cheeks, still tall (or more taller?), still has a sweet giggle and smile, still ‘bear’ (you’re a bear and it means you’re cute), and you still love to fix your eyeglasses with your middle finger. Hahaha.

P.s: I didn’t tell you that we were in the same room yesterday (by blackberry messenger) because I told to myself that “gue bakalan nyapa lo ntar kalo kita ketemu” And then we didn’t meet after I exited the room. So ciao, until we meet again!

-2 years ago / from my Tumblr.

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