Hope You Understand

June 26, 2016

Dear blogger fellas,

today, June 27th 2016, I decided to remove my Tumblr and Steller as my second and third media to write. The reason is because it's hard to maintain those medias. Well, actually I can't keep them up, so yeah basically I just want this blog as my main media to write. (Hope I will not regret this decision, hahaha) But, I will still use my another Tumblr account to be my online portfolio

So, to keep and save my posts on Tumblr and Steller, I will post some of them here on my blog just because I want to reminisce those memories and writings. And that is why the title of this post is hope you understand because I really am hoping you guys will understand if your dashboard will be so full with my throwback post.

I will let you know if the post was from Tumblr or not by putting "The time it has been published / from my Tumblr" on the post. 

Thank you and have a nice day, people!

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