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June 26, 2016

"Romance isn’t about making and saying sweet flirty words, and giving poems. But it’s about speaking with actions, and the one who does it seriously make me fall in love even deeper."

"Am too scared to share my dreams. Too afraid to take the risk. Can’t be brave enough to be responsible for what I’d say. Don’t want to be disappointed, don’t want to make other people lose hope on me. This. The pain still remains, the pain still lingers. But I know there’s always a person who supports me after all. After what I’ve been through. No. It’s not about love."

"Two people who love each other can’t be easily together. You wonder? Me too. Then I’m asking, why the universe cannot make it easy?"

"Perempuan ya emang. Lebih milih kehujanan berdua daripada kering sendirian."

"You’re not blacklisted. It’s my heart that closes its door, for you."

"Jatuh cinta diem - diem itu jatuh cinta paling suci, karena nggak kesentuh siapa - siapa. Termasuk sama objek yang kita cintai."

"He has a girlfriend. And that girlfriend is not me."

"It’s okay for me to have a long-life partner with chubby and short appearance as long as he’s as witty, smart and funny, as Ryan Adriandhy."

"Kalau lagi libur, otak kamu ikutan libur juga ya?"

"Am I this desperate for missing a feeling like having a crush on someone and getting butterflies whenever I see him?"

"Orang bilang, yang waras ngalah. Lalu semuanya lebih milih jadi gila."

"What if I fall in love with you? Are you ready to catch me? Do your feet stay on the ground?"

"Untungnya Tuhan masih baik ya, ngingetin gue di kehidupan orang lain."

"I warn you
Don’t fall in love with me
It’s a trap
It’s a mess"

-2 years ago / from my Tumblr.

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