To The One Who Was

By Nikita Putri Mahardhika - July 20, 2016

001. I crave for you in this new year eve.

002. Oh, this is me talking and I’m going to tell you that I love our three seconds gaze.

003. The sweetest thing comes from your lips. No, not your words or even your kiss. It’s your smile.

004. It’s the pain that makes me love you.

005. Do you know how painful it is without talking to you every time we meet?

006. It really surprises me to see you again, the real you. And still, you bring the oh-not-so-good impacts to my life.

007. Congratulation, dear you
        For every wishes you say
        For every efforts you do
        For every failures you take
        for every heartbreaks you experience
        You’re still the one who keeps your dream on track
        and finally
        you did it
        A mining engineer, is that you I’m looking for?

008. I can’t imagine how miserable your life will be without her. Will you still be the one I know?Will you still be cheerful as you? Will you still believe in love? Will you? Or you will back to be the one I loved the most? Oh no, it won’t happen because heartbreak never shapes yourself to be the old you. Please still be happy, you. Because I know, in the end, the important thing is knowing that you live your life happily rather than knowing how wistful I’m without you.

009. You know you’re not my oxygen tank because I still can breathe without you, but you’re my energy tank (what? Sounds so weird? No probs because weird means unique. And if you think that energy is just suitable with drink after that word, I still don’t want to call you my energy drink because I can’t sip you) Maybe you wonder why I call you with that one because everytime I’m with you for doing nothing or just talking a little bit, you always bring back my energy.

010. Teruntuk Seseorang yang Hampir Terjatuh di Tangga Siang Tadi
Gue mau ketawa aja.
Please don’t be angry with me.
Remember that I used to laugh at you everytime you did a silly thing, right?
Well, tapi gue sebel.
Lo nggak hati - hati.
Udah berapa tangga yang hampir dijatohin sama lo?
It doesn’t sound so funny.
Karena gue juga nggak mau ngelucu.
Jatoh dari tangga itu akibatnya banyak. Bahaya.
You should walk in a proper way after this, dear friend.

011. Jatuh cintanya gue sama UGM itu kayak jatuh cintanya gue sama doi. Jatuh banget. But I know, I will never get him anyway. Sakit? Iya! Luka? Bisa jadi! Trauma? Nggak.
“Kenapa nggak bisa?” Bukannya gue nggak mau usaha, (yes, I’ll work hard and try harder for UGM. Gila kali.) Tapi keliatannya it’s impossible for me to get in, you know. Peluangnya maksud gue kecil.
Ya kayak cinta diem - diem aja sih. Apa cinta dari jauh ya? Auk.
Dan biarlah keinginan gue mau masuk UGM ini cuma diselipin ke setiap doa gue, kecil - kecil pelan - pelan, tapi semoga yang Besar denger.

012. Jadi kenangan gue sama lo udah dijual ke tukang ojek?

013. It’s like I’m Keara, she’s Denise, and you’re Ruly. So, who’s my Harris?

014. I should be happy to know that you’re okay and you’re there, still online on your skype account, but actually it hurts me the most because I know I can’t reach you.

015. Even gue udah jauh dari Jakarta dan kaki gue udah nggak napak di permukaan yang sama tingginya kayak elo, you’re still here with me on my mind. Bromo, 2013.

016. The closer I look into your eyes, the less I see myself in there.

017. We have seen the same sky each day, but why our feelings never could be the same?

-2 years ago / from my Tumblr.

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