Coping with Sadness

By Nikita Putri Mahardhika - December 05, 2016

The artwork is created by the talented Faizuddin Rahmatulloh.

There are so many ways to cope with sadness

Some people choose to cry it out loud

Some hide it by a happy face mask

Some need a break from the crowd, then make distance

And some choose to be bitter

Then how about me? How about him?

We turn to be bitter, to each other, to others; to people around us

We both know that losing him is kind of torture, but it's too selfish to call it like that

Mom said that it's a bless; by means, God loves him more than we do

Dear Dad,

Your son always turns bitter, he still can't accept the reality

Cause the reality kills a part of his self


Your daughter always turns bitter to look so strong

To make everyone believe that she is okay

Dear dad,

Turning bitter doesn't always look so bad, right?

--1 year ago / from my Steller

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