A Coward

By Nikita Putri Mahardhika - March 11, 2017

Even to fall in love, I don’t have any guts.

Three days ago, I, out of the blue, tweeted it that made one of my friend feel pity and pray for me after that. She said that I shouldn’t be like that. That I should keep trying to fall in love because I deserve more. I deserve better. 

But hey, I’m afraid of love.

There I said it. 

Sometimes, I thought love is such a thing that people find amusing; entertaining. Things that really got people happier and happier. But why I couldn’t find it as like that?

When it comes to love, I always have a but; an exception. Loving is such a delightful but distressing energy.

This thought haunts me again, what does actually make me afraid of love? Is that the love itself? Or is there any variable that I don’t know?

Because the thing I know right now about love is the more I have, the more I have to lose.

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