Below Expectation

By Nikita Putri Mahardhika - June 22, 2017

Malang, 2016.

One night, I talked with this guy. He told me almost everything that bothers him; about this upcoming event. We talked so much things about expectations, about how things should be that and not be this, how people should do that and not do this. About how he was burdened and sad enough because his expectations didn't meet the lines. 

Sometimes life isn't always as we expected
Sometimes it's just a pile of trash that we can't trust

Sedih ya? Bagaimana yang kita harapkan seringnya tidak sejalan dengan kenyataan
Bagaimana yang sudah terkonsep nyatanya ambyar di tengah jalan

In that conversation, I argued with him. I said, maybe you're just having high expectations. You expect too much. That's why you're disappointed with things you've made.

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